Plans Underway for Diabetes Awareness Day 2013
Last year, 678 Illinoisans received free diabetes screenings at 23 events held state-wide on Diabetes Awareness Day on November 14. Plans are underway for 54 screening events this year at similar events. If you are interested in partnering with a local business in your district for a screening event on November 14, please contact Nicole Niwa at

Our Caucus is Growing!
The IL Legislative Diabetes Caucus welcomes its new members! While we lost a few members through retirements from the House and Senate last year, we have gained approximately 30 new members. As our numbers grow, so does our ability to increase awareness and promote responsible legislation with hopes of one day finding a cure for this disease.

Representative Mike Tryon Speaks at Task Force Meeting at Regional Government Conference
On May 15, Representative Mike Tryon traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah as a speaker at the Diabetes Task Force meeting at the 16th Annual Western Regional Conference for Women in Government. Representative Tryon shared his story about his personal struggles with balancing a demanding legislative schedule while managing his Type II Diabetes, and also staffer Nicole Niwa spoke about the success of the Illinois Legislative Diabetes Caucus. In 2011, Women in Government launched a three-year campaign to raise awareness of Diabetes and the importance of management of the disease and improved access to treatment and long-term care. O
ther topics discussed included ideas and training for outreach in the states, new programs and policies that relate to Diabetes, and strategies for addressing disparities in underserved communities.