SPRINGFIELD—The Illinois Legislative Diabetes Caucus is proud to announce it has reached the 2,000 mark. Since the Diabetes Caucus was created in April of 2011 it has sponsored the free Diabetes screenings of 2,000 Illinoisans.

“It is very important to get tested for diabetes because the sooner you can get treatment the less chance an individual has to develop the harmful side effects of uncontrolled Diabetes such as stroke, heart attack, blindness and amputation,” said State Rep. Michael Tryon, founding member of the Diabetes Caucus. “I am very proud that the Diabetes Caucus has pushed so hard to sponsor so many screenings.”

These free screenings took place through the state at various Diabetes events, businesses, hospitals and health fairs. The screenings were provided in partnership with local health departments, hospitals, the Illinois Hospital Association, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and various businesses, drug companies and pharmacies.  

"The Diabetes Caucus has given us many opportunities to raise awareness for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes," said Rep. Tom Cross. "These screening allow us help those who have Diabetes and slow the trend of growth of Type 2 Diabetes in our state."

In addition to the free screening the Diabetes Caucus has sponsored legislation including the creation of Illinois Diabetes Awareness Day, November 14th, legislation to create a Diabetes Action Plan throughout the state and new Diabetes Awareness License Plates.  

Members of the Diabetes Caucus are planning free Diabetes screenings statewide on Diabetes Awareness Day November 14, please check www.ilgadiabetes.com for a location near you.