State Representative Brian Stewart and FHN Host Diabetes Awareness Day

Freeport… Together with FHN, State Representative Brian Stewart will host a free diabetes screening for the public from 8 to 10AM on Friday, November 14. The event will be held at the Stewart Centre, located at 50 W. Douglas, in Freeport. People wishing to be tested at this event are advised to fast for two hours prior to their screening, as a finger-stick blood glucose test will be issued.
Nearly 800,000 Illinoisans have diabetes, and of that number, 500,000 are unaware of their condition.

Representative Stewart stated, “As the fight to curb the onset of diabetes continues, FHN will graciously host this event to make our citizens more aware of the troublesome disease. Health screenings such as this can help save lives and I encourage everyone to join us on November 14.”
Yearly, $7.3 billion is spent on both direct and indirect costs associated with the care of diabetes in Illinois, which accounts for more than 10% of all health care spending. The earlier treatment begins, the easier it is to prevent the dreadful, costly and sometimes fatal side effects of diabetes.