Diabetes Training for School Employees
HB 2397 (Cross-Eddy/Steans) of the 97th GA amends the Care of Students with Diabetes Act.  Provides that all school employees shall receive training during regular in-service training.  Provides that initial training of a delegated care aide (instead of just initial training) shall be provided by a licensed healthcare provider with expertise in diabetes or a certified diabetic educator and individualized by a student’s parent or guardian.
            *Passed House 116-0-0; Currently in Assignments
 Diabetes Self-management Training
HB 2249 (Osmond-Tryon-Durkin-Soto-Hernandez/Haine) of the 97th GA amends the Illinois Insurance Code in the provision concerning diabetes self-management training and education. Provides that diabetes self-management training shall include education programs that allow the patient to maintain an A1c level within the range identified in nationally recognized standards of care.
            *Passed House 113-0-0; Currently in Assignments
Passed Legislation
Diabetes Awareness Month
HR 148 (Bellock-Cross-Durkin-Tryon-Soto) of the 97th GA designates November, 2011 as Diabetes Awareness Month in the State of Illinois.
            *Resolution Adopted
 Care of Students with Diabetes Act
SB 6065 (Cross-Mendoza-Coulson-Miller-Feigenholtz/Steans-Harmon-Garrett-Silverstein-Schoenberg) of the 96th GA (now PA-96-1485) created the Care of Students with Diabetes Act. Requires a parent or guardian to submit a diabetes care plan for a student with diabetes who seeks assistance with diabetes care in the school setting (whether a public or a private school). Provides for a delegated care aide to assist a student with diabetes in accordance with his or her diabetes care plan. Requires training for school employees and delegated care aides.  Provides that a school district may not restrict the assignment of a student with diabetes to a particular school on the basis that the school does not have a full-time school nurse, nor may a school deny a student access to any school or school-related activities on the basis that a student has diabetes. Provides for school employee protections against retaliation, civil immunity, and rights under federal law.
            *Passed House 104-1-2; Passed Senate 34-8-3; Override of Amendatory Veto 109-2-2
 Fund Type 1 Diabetes Research
HR 1442 (Durkin-Cross-Bellock-Cole-Pihos) of the 96th GA Urged Congress to renew the funding for the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research in 2010 for multiple years, so that a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications can be found.
            *Resolution Adopted
 Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus Registry Pilot Program
HB 2481 (Cross-Currie-Feigenholtz-Schmitz-Coulson) of the 96th GA (now PA 96-035) amends the Department of Public Health Powers and Duties Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Requires the Department of Public Health to develop and implement a neonatal diabetes mellitus registry pilot program.
            *Passed House 116-0-0; Passed Senate 58-0-0; Signed by Governor
 Other Attempted Legislative Actions
 Insurance Coverage for Glucose Monitors Test Strips
HB 1557 (Sente) of the 97th GA amends the Illinois Insurance Code. In provisions concerning coverage for diabetes self-management training and education, provides for coverage for test strips for glucose monitors as durable medical equipment rather than as pharmaceuticals and supplies.
            *Re-referred to Rules pursuant to Rule 19(a)
 Diabetes Income Tax Checkoffs
HB 198 (Cross-Durkin) of the 97th GA amends the Illinois Income Tax Act. Provides that the $100,000 contribution requirement for tax checkoffs does not apply to the Diabetes Research Checkoff Fund checkoff. Provides that the Diabetes Research Checkoff Fund checkoff shall be included on the individual tax return even if the limit of 15 tax checkoffs has been reached. Provides that the Diabetes Research Checkoff Fund checkoff shall not be included when calculating the 15 tax-checkoff fund limitation.
            *Re-referred to Rules pursuant to Rule 19(a)
 Follow-up Care for Gestational Diabetes Diagnoses
HB 3105 (Tryon) of the 97th GA amends the Medical Assistance Article of the Illinois Public Aid Code. Provides that in addition to post-parturition care, the medical assistance program shall provide not less than 60 days of follow-up care for persons who have been diagnosed during their pregnancy with gestational diabetes, and that this follow-up care shall include testing for continuing diabetes.
            *Re-referred to Rules pursuant to Rule 19(a)
 Coordinate Actions of State Agencies
SB 1776 (Hunter-Delgado/Cross) of the 96th GA Amends the Department of Human Services Act. Provides that the Secretary of Human Services shall appoint an individual within the Department to coordinate with other State agencies to ensure that all programs that impact the prevention and treatment of diabetes are coordinated.
            *Passed Senate 56-0-0; Re-referred to Rules pursuant to Rule 19(a), Session Sine Die